Logo Design – I am Music

Logo Design – I am Music


Shumba Media takes great pride in presenting the Logo Design for “I am Music”, a brand that brings the joy of music to the world. Our team of skilled designers put their heart and soul into crafting a logo that is a perfect representation of the brand’s identity and values.

The Logo Design for “I am Music” features a minimalist design with a bold font that portrays the brand’s confidence and passion for music. The use of vibrant colors in the logo’s design evokes the feeling of energy, excitement, and creativity, all of which are integral to the brand’s mission.

At Shumba Media, we understand the importance of a strong brand identity, and we believe that the Logo Design for “I am Music” captures the essence of the brand’s spirit. Our designers ensured that the logo is versatile and can be used across various platforms, from digital to print media, making it an essential asset for the brand’s future success.

In summary, the Logo Design for “I am Music” is a reflection of the brand’s values, mission, and vision, and we are proud to have been a part of the process. Shumba Media’s Logo Design services are designed to help brands stand out in today’s competitive market, and “I am Music” is a shining example of our commitment to excellence.

Project Details

  • Client:I am Music Brand
  • Date:2rd March 2022
  • Category :Graphic Design
  • Class :Logo Designs
  • Value :ZMW 400 full design
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